Garrett County

Nature takes center stage in Garrett County, Maryland’s westernmost county. Reaching an elevation of 3,360 feet, Backbone Mountain is the highest mountain in the state. Garrett’s natural environment – including lakes, forests, waterfalls, makes it a haven for outdoor recreational activity.

Grantsville MapLook for the interpretive panels at these sights:

  • The Casselman River Bridge – Casselman River State Park (Kiosk at each end of bridge)
  • Leo J. Beachy – Grantsville Community Museum
  • Grantsville – E. Main Street and S. Yoder Street
  • The Fuller Baker Log House – Grantsville
  • Negro Mountain – Negro Mountain Summit
  • Keyser’s Ridge – McDonald’s Restaurant
  • The State Line – Pig’s Ear Road & Route 40
  • Blazing Braddock’s Road – Big Savage Mountain (COMING IN 2014)
  • The Long Stretch – Hen House Restaurant

Map and Guide

Road Talk

“Drive the 10,000 miles across America and you will know more about the country than all the institutes of society and political science put together.”

– Jean Baudrillard