Board of Directors & Committees

The Maryland National Road Association (MNRA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, member based, organization governed by a dedicated group of volunteers that meet quarterly committed to preserving the history of  the Historic National Road in the state of Maryland.

Board Members

  • Virginia Frank, President
  • Laura O’Donnell, Secretary
  • Janet Davis, Vice President
  • Treasurer, Vacant
  • John Frank, Past President

Advisory Committee

  • Terry Maxwell, Maryland State Highway Administration
  • Marci Ross, Maryland Office of Tourism Development
  • Chris Haugh, Tourism Council of Frederick County
  • Rachelina Bonnacci, Howard County Office of Tourism & Promotion
  • Gateway to Western Maryland Heritage Area
  • Deidra Ritchie, Canal Place Heritage Area
  • Barbara Buehl, Allegany Department of Tourism
  • Elizabeth Shatto, Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area
  • Jason Vaughan, Baltimore Heritage Area Association, Inc.
  • Dan Spedden, Washington County/Hagerstown Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Bonnie Staub, Carroll County Office of Tourism
  • Baltimore County Office of Tourism

Board Member Guidelines

  • A Director shall be a Member of the MNRA.
  • A Director shall be a Member in good standing according to policies set forth by the Board.
  • Directors shall serve for a term of two (2) years.
  • Meetings of the Board of Directors shall rotate among the counties and jurisdictions along the Historic National Road.
  • Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall total a minimum of four (4) annually.
  • An annual meeting of the general membership will take place in July.
  • At each meeting, the Board of Directors shall determine subsequent meeting dates.

Designation of Officers

  • The Officers of MNRA shall be a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and any other officers as may be appointed from time to time by the Board of Directors.


  • Any Member of MNRA and any Member of the Board of Directors may serve as an Officer of MNRA.
  • No Member may hold more than one Officer position at any given time.
  • The Board of Directors shall elect Officers by a majority vote. The term of each Officer shall be one (1) year.

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